#Hashtag #Use #In #The #Most #Ridiculous #Way

Hello again my digital peeps! Thank you for the awesome amount of views that I have gotten for my e-marketing video on WWE. Your comments and likes have definitely created a buzz in my YouTube Channel. Continue supporting me and let’s make my views up to 1,000+ views! 😀

Anyway, back on today’s topic. So hashtag has become a very popular trend these days and has taken over almost all the social media platforms. If you notice how people use hashtags especially in instagram, sometimes it really sound pretty dumb when you look at the picture/word and see the amount of #-tags that are use in a ridiculous manner. Not saying that you shouldn’t use hashtag at all but just use it appropriately. Here is an example:

Hashtag fail

So what’s wrong with this post? Everything. Using pure words with so many irrelevant hashtags is absolutely ridiculous. Nothing is more annoying to see a bunch of hashtags that are use, that is non-related when you are trying to search something that is related to what you want to find. So I did some research on my Instagram and there were lots of posts with lots of irrelevant hashtags that are not related to the picture and surprisingly those hashtags were found in many post. Here are some examples on my crazy findings:

#nicetomeetyou –> 20,797 posts

#nomatterwhat –>302,728 posts

#newday –> 362,949 posts

#o –> 1,481,892 posts

Try typing on your Instagram and tell me if that is relevant to you and also share with me other irrelevant words you can think of that have crazy amount of posts.

Probably, it is hard to change the mindset of people to use it responsibly now because they most likely would not listen. However, this is a great deal to digital marketer. Why you ask? Because if the hashtags are use in such inappropriate way, well most likely you won’t find the desire post that you are looking for. This is going to be a problem for digital marketer to be feared because if users continue to do that, whatever the post that the digital marketer create will be a fail advertisement when not-related hashtags are used.

Take a look at the latest video that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake made fun of hashtags.

Next, take a look at a YouTuber, dmingthing on his rendition of how hashtags are annoying.

If hashtag was a language or a conversation, it will pretty much sound ridiculous. So stop hashtagging irrelevant words like my title and start using it properly and give a better user experience when someone is trying to search something. I hope I more or less educate you guys on how to use it wisely and not annoyed your friends.

Tell me your thoughts:

  • Is too much hashtags annoying you?
  • Share with me moment that you find that your friends hashtag way too much
  • Will hashtag help make marketers reach more people after what you have read?

-#toomuchhashtagsareannoying, this is #DigitalMike signing off-


17 comments on “#Hashtag #Use #In #The #Most #Ridiculous #Way

  1. Your title could not be more on the money – it is ridiculous the way some people use hashtags. I have no problem with using a fair few if they’re relevant to your content, but when people break them out into a sentence, or use ones that they know are popular but don’t apply to what they’re doing/saying, that drives me insane. Especially on Instagram. When I’m doing a hashtag search for something like #puppy and I see someone’s selfie (with no puppy btw) it really irritates me. That’s NOT what I was looking for, stop being so attention-seeking! It makes people look like jerks.

    When they are used well though, they can be really handy when searching for content and making sure that your content gets seen by people that actually want to see it! 🙂 I hope more people read this and take your advice on board Mike

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Nat. It is really really irritating. I try searching ‘beach’ and I can see from my instagram’s posts search that have people in hotel and some random notepad. Totally defeat the purpose of hashtag when people try to misuse it by wanting more likes and seek attention. I really hope people will understand that too.

      *STOP YOU ATTENTION SEEKERS and let us search what we want!

  2. I think hashtags are funny to use, but some of my facebook friends SERIOUSLY go overboard! It’s really annoying. I know one of my friends that will sit there for 30 minutes trying to come up with “hashtags”. I mean seriously. It’s funny, but now it’s just annoying. I think 1-3 hashtags is probably more than enough on a facebook status. But I can see why they would be useful to marketers or people like Natalie looking for content. Another great post as always mike

    • Thanks Mel! Are you serious? Your friend literally sat down for 30 minutes to come up with hashtags?! I guess it’s really funny to see that happen but then like you said it will be annoying with so many people tagging every single word they type. Hopefully, we will see lesser people doing that (*cross my finger*).

  3. Personally, as a frequent user of instagram, I feel the function of hashtag has made my search easier and I even get to chance upon interesting stuffs or people on it as well.

    Well, I do agree that a whole load of hashtags are pretty annoying as to me, they are trying to garner more likes and followers. Captions are supposed to be kept short and straight to the point and not be used like as part of a conversation kind of thing.

    But then again, who knows, all these usage of hashtags may just allow people to gain fame in the social world and/or reality and expose them to more opportunities.

    Here is something to share: Even with the popularity of the usage of hashtags, Linkedlin in recent times have decided to abolish the use of this. You can check it out on the following link:

    So, do you think hashtags are more of an advantage or of disadvantage? and why?

    And, keep your posting going! Way to go, Mike!

    • Thanks Eileen 😉 Exactly what you said hit the nail on the head! I think people should be a fair bit considerate about the true purpose and not misuse it just to gain fame in a wrong way leading the wrong direction to the hashtag with no relevant to the picture.

      I think it is a great idea, LinkedIn withdraw those hashtags as I felt it is more of a professional social media platforms and should stay that way. I guess hashtags have both its fair bits of advantages or disadvantages but I would say more towards advantage because it provide ease of search, just not the part when you found out what you search ain’t what you get.

  4. Haha awesome videos!! The second one is pretty funny because it shows that people do not actually talk like that in real life! It would be way too awkward and the conversation would not be meaningful!

    It’s funny how “#o” is used as a hashtag… has the internet killed our brain cells that much?!

    • I am glad you enjoyed the videos Kim! 😀 If that become a trend, I would not know what will become of this world. It will be a terrifying sight.

      I seriously have no idea too why there are so many #o posts, if you try typing all the other alphabets you can see similar trends. Not the internet I guess but more to the user who hashtagged those words.

  5. I sees lots of # tags recently. And I have no idea what they really means or has it a real purpose in putting those #s.
    After every sentence there are at least 3 #____ with random words.
    Sometimes, I really can’t understand at all.

    • I totally understand what you mean Joey, sometimes I don’t too. Probably you can type it on urban dictionary and you might find some of the answers. I just hope one day hashtag will not lose its purpose.

  6. i love the jimmy fallon and justin timberlake video. most of the hastags they used didn’t seem relevant or useful for anything.
    i think many people use a lot of hastags to be funny and cool.

    • I love it too, its pretty hilarious especially the cookie monster “nomnomnom” part and the barney hashtags. They are just trying to portrait that people sometimes hashtag things that are not relevant to what is happening in the picture or word and instead it became a chain of hashtag when people hashtag things that are associated to their hashtags and not the picture/word.

  7. I think there should be a short course in using social media. And only those who pass should be allowed to have Facebook, Instagram etc, to avoid clogging up the networks with hashtag rubbish! The JT and JK video is hilarious, on another note.

    • Maybe there should but doubt many people will attend. Probably social media platforms should do something about the people who hashtags unnecessarily and give them a few warnings before a ban.
      Glad you enjoy it, I had a good laugh too 🙂

  8. Great post Mike! So true that hashtags nowadays are used in the most (weird) ways ever. Kinda annoys me sometimes when i see a post full of irrelevant hashtags ! Dmingthing video pretty much sums up the “funny” point to the inappropriate use of #s.

    Well, i suppose hashtags could be used by emarketers , since its the trending thing so far in social media , provided they actually use it properly! 🙂

    • Thanks Danson! Couldn’t agree more, I guess people just love it when there are lots of likes in their post. Hopefully, we can see that e-marketers can deliver the message clearly through these clutter of annoying irrelevant hashtags.

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